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About the Project


A frazzled teacher is defined as a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate feelings, withdrawal from reality, and a sense of mental fragmentation. Teachers struggle with the breakdown between thought, emotion, perception, and reality every day. Join us as we explore deep aspects of the profession that builds all others.


While teaching in the Indiana University East School of Education, I had the opportunity to spend hundreds of hours in K-12 schools around Indiana and Ohio. Through these experiences, many teachers, administrators, and community stakeholders voiced many different praises and concerns for the teaching profession. What I learned was that teachers and their perspective value were starting to wane. Like many modern professionals, I decided to voice these concerns through a podcast platform. The first season of The Frazzled Teacher included the following episodes:

EP 1 - Mental Health and Teaching with Dr. Jerry Wilde

EP 2 - Parents, People, and Partnerships with John & Katie Lash

EP 3 - Technology is Making us Crazy with Dr. Justin Hodgson

EP 4 - Why are Teachers Leaving with Leena Marie Saleh

EP 5 - Crying in Preschool with Dr. Denice Honaker

EP 6 - Elementary Emotions 

EP 7 - Middle School Milestones

EP 8 - High School Hysteria

EP 9 - Educational Equity with Dr. Ruby Payne

EP 10 - Growing in 2022-2023 with 

Through this creative endeavor, I had the opportunity to utilize audio editing skills, video editing skills, graphic design skills, and podcasting tools. 

Project Info

Year:  2022

Type: Multimedia

Client: Personal

 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Anchor Podcasting, Shure Mics, Garage Band, Zoom

Skills: Graphic Design, Video Design, Audio Editing


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