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Merriam-Webster defines experience as the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation. Tommy's career has been a sponge for experiences. Degrees in education, administration, and instructional design have provided supports for the creative experiences he has gained in music, graphic design, multimedia production, and marketing.


Tommy has taught every grade from 6th to college graduate courses. Additionally, he is a passionate researcher in pedagogical best-practices and currently applies those to the fields of construction trades, construction management and engineering. Spending three years as a rostered recording artist in Nashville, TN helped to ignite Tommy's passions for marketing and multimedia production.


These passions have become paired with his skills as a curriculum designer and facilitator to lead educational efforts for 400+ employees in seven different offices across Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina in his current role as the Learning and Development Manager for Shook Construction.


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