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About the Project

Save the Cookies for Santa was a multimedia project for Dayton, Ohio-based Shook Construction. The HR team at Shook wanted to create an internally marketed wellness campaign that focused on sharing healthy eating choices between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In order to accomplish this goal, I was tasked with creating a logo and "how to" video that was distributed via email to 300+ employees via email. 

As a company that uses Microsoft platforms, Shook chose to use the Yammer app as a social collaboration tool to collect images and videos. In addition to the logo and video creation, I was tasked with managing the company-wide wellness data. This was, ultimately, presented via email for quarterly wellness challenge winners.

Project Info

Year:  2022

Type: Multimedia

Client: Shook Construction

 Adobe Rush, Shure Mics, LogicPro, Adobe Photoshop

Skills: Curriculum, Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Design, Audio Editing


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