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About the Project

Shook Construction's mission is to "Dramatically improve the communities they serve." To live their mission, Shook invests time, money, and effort into every community surrounding a build project. In the fall of 2022, project engineer Melissa Lear approached me to help with the curriculum design and facilitation of a Shook-sponsored program for an after school program called Victory Project. 

This endeavor included multiple pre-program meetings with the leadership

team at Victory Project. After evaluation of the program goals, logistics, and needs, I was tasked with building a six-month long STEM-based and career-based curriculum with presentation materials.

The "Staying Constructive" curriculum was created as a metaphor representing the structure of a home and the structure of person of character. Month one focused on building the foundation. This included team-building activities using the STEM marshmallow challenge activity and an explanation of careers in the construction industry. Month two used the imagery of a framed home to show that the people who surround us help support our growth as individuals, as well as, a construction company. Month three was titled "Raising the Roof". This included one-on-one discussions with subject matter experts and pathways of education and training to achieve success in professional and personal development settings. Month four analyzed design choices for "Working on the Inside" of ourselves and the structures we build and, finally, month five focused on self-worth and "Selling the Building for What it's Worth."

The semester finished with a field trip to an open Shook Construction job site. This allowed students to observe the careers they learned in action while having the opportunity to ask questions to subject matter experts. 


Project Info

Year:  2023

Type: Curriculum

Client: Victory Project

Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powe
rpoint, Adobe Creative Suite

Skills: Curriculum Design, Graphic Design, STEM Education, Student Engagement, Community Engagement


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