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About the Project

This project was part of the requirements for Indiana University's EDUC-R542course in Instructional Graphic Design. The final project for this course asked students to design and produce an illustrated instructional book demonstrating a non-digital procedure. The book needed to have a minimum of 16 pages and 8 substantial illustrations and be self-published. One bound production copy was required for final submission to the instructor. This guidebook was published through Lulu Press, Inc in 2020. 

Paper Airplanes: An Inquiry Guide includes hand-drawn graphics that were converted into digital graphics using the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop/Illustrator). Contents of this publication include vocabulary, step-by-step instructions for students/teachers, and a STEM lesson plan for application of science standards inside or outside of the classroom. 

Project Info

Year:  2021

Type: Curriculum

Client: Indiana University

 Adobe Creative Suite, NGSS Standards

Skills: Curriculum Design, Graphic Design, STEM Education, Instructional Design


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