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About the Project

Career Pathways Roadmap copy.jpg

During the winter of 2023, the Shook Construction leadership team tasked the HR department with developing a new career path tools for the company. The goals of this project were to create categorical milestones, a general career progression timeline, and transparency across the company. As a result of early conversations with the leadership team, I developed a working career manual that will serve as a guidebook for employees. This document is in the development process and will be fully ready to rollout to the company in late 2023. Below is a flow chart of career pathways:



This graphic shows the directional flow of careers for both field operations and management level employee. Each of these pathways will include differentiated completion milestones in the following categories:

To make this process more accessible, there will be a virtual platform housed in the company intranet called the Shook Navigator. This system will present a virtual career roadmap that looks like this:

The completion of this project includes the collaboration of leadership and makert channel leaders, the direction of HR and Marketing, and the consistent integration of IT and webhosting professionals. The second half of 2023 will see this endeavor take shape in both print and pdf manual finalization and the internal marketing of the new Shook Navigator via the company intranet platform.

Project Info

Year:  2023

Type: Leadership

Client: Shook Construction

 Adobe Creative Suite, PPTX, Word, Word Press

Skills: Curriculum Design, Graphic Design, Instructional Design


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