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About the Project

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The Chewing on Macros project was an instructional design endeavor that was spawned by a course assignment in the Indiana University EdD program. The IDers United team chose this topic due to the lack of engaging nutritional curriculum in the middle grades. In addition, the lack of quality nutrition options in lower socioeconomic communities within New York City creates a culture of nutrition deficiencies. Therefore, an integrative nutritional curriculum was designed for easy classroom use by teachers and students. 

The Chewing on Macros curriculum included the development of six lessons that were created to integrate into middle school classrooms. The topics of study included the science of nutrition, impact of eating healthy, decision-making skills, noshing for life, and nutrition and culture. Each of these topics received a video to be used in whole-group, synchronous, or asynchronous learning settings. Additionally, each lesson includes deliverables for student progress monitoring.



Project Info

Year:  2022

Type: Curriculum

Client: New York City Public Schools

 Adobe Creative Suite, New York Standards, Adobe Rush, Logic Pro

Skills: Curriculum Design, Graphic Design, Video Design, Audio Editing


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