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Peter van Leusen, PhD
Director, Digital Learning Initiatives
Fulton School of Engineering

Arizona State University    //     602-543-6774

Tommy brings a systems approach to developing effective, efficient, and engaging learning experiences in diverse contexts - be it K12, higher ed, or industry. Having had the pleasure to learn from/with him as part of the Instructional Systems Technology program at Indiana University, Tommy demonstrated that he can individually and collaboratively design learning interventions, often bringing in his rich perspectives as an instructor, designer, as well as being an online adult student himself. Additionally, his creativity - fueled by his passion for the arts - allows him to produce high quality and engaging multimedia experiences, such as videos, audio, and visuals. Finally, his peers spoke highly about Tommy’s attitude and skills when working in a team, e.g., communicate effectively. Hence, I’d recommend Tommy to anyone who looks to solve large and small challenges that require learning solutions.

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